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“I don't want to finish school. I wanna start a band.” No parents find comfort in hearing these words. The Ferreiras heard this twice. Menage is a Toronto duo consisting of siblings Bela and Fernando Ferreira.  

Early on, the brother/sister duo had the pleasure of recording with their friend and Grammy award wining producer, David Bottrill (Peter Gabriel, Tool). This recording lead to a deal with iPLAY records, an indie label out of Portugal. Rotation on radio and two Portuguese national tours followed.  

Soon after, sparking from a Canadian Music Week Performance for some international industry, Menage released this recording in China. This was followed by a 14 city tour in China which included performances at the famous MIDI festival, Dream Sonic and MTA festivals.  

This year, after a chance encounter on Queen St West in Toronto, Menage met and ultimately got in the studio with Award winning producer Gavin Brown. This relationship has produced Menage's most honest and influential music to date. Now with their eyes on North America, this new music will be released in the coming months. A tour and a changed generation will follow.







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